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Rosy and Fresh

Nothing is better than warm bread, freshly taken out of the oven or a traditional pound cake on holidays. Rosy and fresh, with an alluring smell, "Cuptorul Domnesc" products bring the taste of traditional bread in your home.

Tradition and Present

And because tradition blends excellently with the present, the products have modern wrappings and an entire diversity: hearth bread, black bread, loaf, pound cakes and many other bakery products. Taste these products now!

The Prosperity Road

The bread factory is in Săcele-Brasov. Bakery products are distributed in Brasov and in the adjacent cities but also in counties as Buzău, Sibiu. The products can be found in the network of Lefrumarin stores and our partners.

To Export

In the spirit of tradition, we also offer Romanians outside the border a wide range of pound cakes, exported in Greece, Italy and Belgium.