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"Don't forget to enjoy life!"

"Cuptorul Domnesc" bread factory began production on September 2006, being an investment of a total value of 300.000 euro, made of by own funds of 150.000 euro, to which 150.000 euro obtained by the Sapard programme can be added.

Production Capacity

Since its beginning, "Cuptorul Domnesc" has been a successful story, its products being quickly embraced by customers, and in 3 months it has achieved a production capacity of 5 tons/day and a number of 30 employees. The factory is equipped with the latest equipment (brick ovens, electrical ovens, automatic mixing line, wrapping line) in order to always obtain best quality products.

The Best Ingredients

The production is automatic and carefully supervised, the ingredients used are the best and our personnel is experienced, all these give full confidence in our products.

Enjoy Our Bakery Products!

We have a wide assortment of bakery.