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Our mission: “Quality Products”


Main Activity

LEFRUMARIN is an entirely private capital company, set up in 1991, and having as a main activity field meat products’ manufacturing, animal growth, fattening, and slaughtering, food products’ wholesale and retail, by means of an own store and distribution network.



The experience gained in the food products’ manufacturing and sale on a dynamic market, sensitive to customers’ needs, have determined quality as our goal, both in terms of manufactured products, and in terms of services offered throughout their sale.


The Spirit

The spirit the company employees work by is a fully responsible one, and, in order to become the favourite supplier of our customers, we are continuously developing the production components, by means of acquiring the ultimate machines and technologies, and by using the best raw materials and ingredients.

Since 1991, our route has proved to be long, yet full of challenges and satisfactions, conveying to a continuous flow of quality raw material supplying, without totally relying on our great suppliers.